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Cat-sized Shrew discovered in Tanzania!

Great news all!!!!!

A new RadicalAnimal has just been discovered!!!!!!

Scientists have coined a new species as Rhynochocyon udzungwensis, a type of giant elephant shrew. These furry critters exhibit noticeable characteristics of several animal elements. You can notice it’s twig looking legs, anteater-type nose and even multi-colored fur!!! We found it amusing that scientists labeled the fur pattern as “flashy”, which along with an increased size makes this species unique when being compared to other elephant shrews.Not quite as cute as the above picture is this youtube video that we found of the critter running. They call it an “elephant rat”!!!!! If you stay tuned until the end there is a closeup and it looks a little less beastly!
Scientists hope to find more about these great creatures which were found in Tanzania’s Udzungwa Mountains, where several other “new species” have been discovered in the past. You can find out more information, even plan a camping visit to this great animal refuge here!

Source: BBC
Additional Information: Elephant Shrews @ Wikipedia

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